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Info for U-M IT Techs

We are your partner in creating the most positive possible repair journey. Your customers are important to you, so let us help create a seamless experience. We depend on you to be our link to the end-user, while we handle the repair work and all the related red tape.

Our Partnership

With over 30 years of experience providing repair services for U-M owned hardware, we've found that working in partnership with Unit IT staff allows us to rely on your expertise as much as you depend on ours.

You know your unit's environment more intimately than we ever could, and most importantly, your customers know and trust you. We know how to fix what's broken, as well as which vendors and strategic partners to reach out to for information and support.

Here's how we leverage all that combined knowledge to get each customer the best outcome:

What You Do

  • Confirm that the device is U-M owned and/or funded by a shortcode. If not, refer the customer to the customer to the personal repair process
  • Perform initial triage and troubleshooting.
  • Ensure appropriate data backup steps have been taken.
  • Complete and submit the departmental repair request form.
  • Issue loaner, if available.
  • Serve as point of contact both for your customer and for Tech Repair staff throughout the process — all information flows through you.
  • Facilitate delivery and pickup of the device from/to the customer and to/from Tech Repair.
  • Reload operating system and/or software, if needed.

What We Do

  • Communicate with you directly, gathering information and providing status updates throughout the repair process.
  • Verify warranty and/or protection plan coverage.
  • Provide cost estimate if no coverage exists.
  • Engage with manufacturers
  • Acquire parts.
  • Perform or facilitate repair work.
  • Engage with manufacturers as needed.
  • Process all necessary claims payments and paperwork, including manufacturer warranties, Safeware Protection Plans, and Risk Management.

Triage & Troubleshooting

Before we get started working together, here are a few initial steps to follow. These are time and money savers, plus you may find a solution before you even get to check in. Even if you don't, you'll definitely be much closer to one.

Perform Data Backup

You must run complete data backup on a device before you check it in with us for service. We strongly recommend running this backup prior to attempting any troubleshooting steps.

Identify Software Issues

After data backup, reload the OS to rule out software issues and confirm that drivers are up-to-date.

As software issues are not covered under warranty, Tech Repair hourly rates would apply to any devices checked in for service.

Run Diagnostics

We've provided an in-depth knowledge base article about how to run comprehensive diagnostics based on the device type. Be sure to note any error codes and include that information on your departmental repair request form.

Accidental Damage

Accidental physical damage to a university-owned device is covered by Risk Management (RM). There is no need to file a claim with RM. Tech Repair is an authorized partner and will handle the entire claim process for you.

Collect the following information for your claim and provide it when you submit your departmental repair request form. All of these pieces of information are required to complete your claim; incomplete claims will be denied by Risk Management.

  • Name of department that purchased/owns the device.
  • Name and uniqname of the person reporting the damage.
  • Brief description of how the damage occurred; claim will be denied without a clear, valid description.
  • Date and time damage occurred.
  • Did damage occur on or off campus? If on campus, provide building and room location.
  • Was U-M Facilities contacted due to the nature of the damage (fire, flood, etc.)? If yes and a claim as been filed by U-M Facilities, provide claim number if known.
  • Was damage reported to DPS or local police, as in the case of theft? If yes, provide DPS or police report number.

Example Damage Descriptions

"The user (uniqname) reports that they knocked a cup of hot tea onto the laptop."

"The computer slipped out of the user's hand while being removed from a bag and hit the floor, resulting in the screen being cracked and the casing dented.”

Data Recovery

We can help recover mission critical data due to hardware failure or accidental deletion. You just need to provide a new external storage device with sufficient capacity for the recovered data. Tech Shop has devices available for sale. Recovered data is not available for download via the cloud.

floppy disc icon

Basic Recovery

If your customers experience data loss, we may be able to help recover some or all of it.

$48/half hour

hard drive icon

Advanced Recovery

For more complex data recovery needs, we partner with DriveSavers.

Drivesavers logo

We have negotiated discounted rates and facilitate the entire process at no additional cost.

starting at $1,000 per device
no-cost custom quote provided prior to service