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Tech Repair is owned and operated by the University of Michigan, giving us an unparalleled understanding of your needs as a member of the university community. We make technology support and service a breeze.

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Why Choose Tech Repair

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Let us handle your repair journey from beginning to end.
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Authorized repair center + certified technicians + U-M expertise = service you can trust.
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All we care about is getting you back to work. Or class. Or life. Whatever you need.

Ready to Start?

When you're ready to work with us, choose your path based on the ownership of your device:

I'm not sure who owns my device

Contact the ITS Service Center.

Services & Rates

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Hardware Repair

We provide device repair support for these personally- and departmentally-owned devices:

Apple Authorized Service Provider
hardware purchased in the US or internationally
computers purchased in the US
computers purchased in the US
most computers and printers purchased in the US

Surface devices via Microsoft exchange or replacement
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Manufacturer Warranties:
US only - Dell, HP, Lenovo
US and international - AppleCare/Applecare+

Warranty coverage varies for hardware failure vs physical damage. If you have questions about your specific coverage, contact your device manufacturer.

No charge for parts or labor.

No need to file a claim, we do it for you.


Safeware Protection Plan

This extended hardware warranty coverage can be purchased through Tech Shop.

No charge for parts or labor.

No need to file a claim, we do it for you.

Risk Management

All university-owned property is insured by University of Michigan Risk Management (RM).

Tech Repair partners with RM to simplify repair or replacement of accidentally damaged devices that are covered.

No charge for parts or labor.

No need to file a claim, we do it for you.

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Microsoft Surface

We facilitate your Surface device exchange/replacement with Microsoft. Unless covered by a Safeware Protection Plan, charges apply to both in- and out-of-warranty hardware.

Exchange/replacement facilitation: $96 flat fee

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Out-of-warranty (no coverage)

These rates apply to personally-owned hardware not covered under a standard manufacturer warranty, extended warranty or other insurance plan.

Diagnosis: $96/hr (1-hr minimum)

Repair: $96/hr (diagnostic charges applied to the 1st hour of repair work)

Parts: charges as incurred

Device Maintenance

We offer device maintenance services for most brands.


Data Backup, Transfer, or Recovery

We can back up your data to a device you provide or transfer data from your old device to a new one.

If you are checking in your hardware for repair services, we strongly recommend including data backup services.

If you experience data loss, we may be able to help you recover some or all of it. For more complex data recovery needs, we partner with DriveSavers; additional charges apply.

$48/half hour

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Virus/Malware Scanning & Removal

If you believe you’ve been a victim of any kind of virus or malware, we can help troubleshoot symptoms, diagnose the problem, and, if necessary, remove the infection.

Check out recommended endpoint protection to safely connect to the U-M computing environment and the internet. We can provide installation and setup assistance, if you need it.

Disinfection: $96 flat fee

Disinfection with operating system reformat and reinstall: $144 flat fee

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Secure Erase

We assist individuals and departments with preparing to recycle, reuse, or dispose of a device by securely wiping computer hard drives, tablets, and removable media to ensure that any sensitive data is removed.

As part of this service, we can also transfer data to a device you supply prior to sanitization.

Secure wipe: $48 flat fee

Secure wipe with data transfer to customer-supplied device: $96 flat fee

Upgrades & Installations

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We offer this service for a variety of hardware including RAM, hard drives, network cards, CD/DVD drives, and more.

$48/half hour + purchase of hardware, if necessary

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Operating Systems (OS)

Let us handle the headache of OS upgrades, installation, or reformatting.

$144 flat fee + purchase of OS, if necessary

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We can install and configure new software applications for you, upgrade from previous versions, or reinstall/reconfigure a current installation that's giving you trouble.

$48/half hour + purchase of software, if necessary

Ready to Get Working?

How you proceed depends on who owns your device.
Unsure who owns it? Contact the ITS Service Center.

Personal Repair

If you purchased the device yourself or it was provided through the Undergraduate Laptop Program, this is the right place to start.

What To Do

Back up your data, if possible, as the repair process can result in data loss. If you cannot back up your data, please mention that to your consultant at check-in.
Bring your power adapter. No need to bring peripherals or input devices like keyboard or mouse unless it's part of the problem.
Take your device to a Tech Shop location. If you need a loaner laptop, go to the Michigan Union location.

What We'll Do

A Tech Help consultant will do initial troubleshooting with you.
If needed, they will:
  • Provide rough repair cost and time estimates.
  • Help check in your device.
  • Advise you on loaner devices, if desired.
After check-in, Tech Repair will conduct more in-depth diagnostics. They will then contact you to:
  • Confirm any warranty information.
  • Provide you a detailed quote.
  • Get authorization prior to starting repair work.
Throughout your repair, Tech Repair will:
  • Communicate with you about the status of your repair.
  • Process your warranty/protection plan/insurance claim for you.
  • Notify you when repair work is complete.

When Your Device Is Ready

Go to the Tech Shop location where you left your device.
If you borrowed a loaner device, bring it with you to return.
Pay for the repair and pick up your device.

Departmental Repair

If your device is owned and was provided to you by your U-M school or department, your unit IT or Neighborhood IT support staff are your best resource to get started.

Don't have local IT support? Follow the Personal Repair process, be sure to mention that you have a U-M owned device, and we'll get you squared away.

What To Do

Contact your unit IT or Neighborhood IT group.

Info for U-M IT Techs

What Your IT Support Will Do

Determine if your device needs to be sent to Tech Repair.
Provide you with a loaner, if needed and available.
If the device goes to Tech Repair, facilitate the repair process for you and communicate with you about any repair costs.

When Your Device Is Ready

Your unit/Neighborhood IT group will handle getting your device back to you and recovering any loaner provided.